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The last December officially opened the platform specializing in quality tourist rental on the island of Ibiza.

Under the slogan “Living the dream” platform tourist rental officially opened last December 2014 posing as an alternative to tourists at the island of Ibiza in regards to unique properties with great charm, medium / high price target aimed at a public high purchasing and sensitized to good taste.

Referring to the characteristics of the properties for rent, 80% are private villas with pool between 4 and 8 double rooms able to offer a high level of comfort and privacy. Located on very emblematic and beautiful places on the island, you can find placements for all tastes and styles.

The management philosophy is clear. Its strengths are; offer homeowners a high economic returns by renting their properties; ensure that property management is within the overall legality force avoiding any legal disadvantage both owners and customers; and a very clear when making reservations consciousness, where the number one priority is to select and filter their customers to ensure the proper use of the properties under management. is a solid with an initial capital investment of EUR 143.000.- which ensures high stability and reliability for signature project. Mentioning that its offices located in the center of Ibiza offer a guarantee proximity to its customers and owners. commitment to new technologies in Internet, Network operates basically using a powerful booking system on-line served by the prestigious American firm Kigo. provides a strategic expansion plan that aims to achieve by 2016 the goal of 100 properties under management located on the island of Ibiza.
In the words of its founder Clive Heathcote, “if we do well our tourism vera rewarded for quality and good service”.


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Street Address: C/ Bmé. Vte. Ramón No 10. 07800. Ibiza. Balearic Islands. Spain.

Phone: +34 971 313 892 | +34 620 085 718


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