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Ibiza Property Market Statistics

Dear Friends, Clients & Customers,

Ibiza property market statistics is of great interest and importance to Houses in Ibiza. With the season now pretty much over and with fresh data available, we can safely conclude that again 2016 has been a very good year for the island and real estate in general.

We try and look at all factors that can affect prices and so, aside from the islands own internal dynamics and extraneous factors, we feel that tourism has a direct impact on prices and for that reason we do study trends on who visits when, on how much they spend and how long they stay and the hotels & lodgings sector in general.

The figures we use can vary and sometimes are revised, and sometimes are guesstimates but the trends are there. Our sources are IBESTAT, Ministerio de Fomento, INE, Federacion Hostelera de Ibiza y Formentera, Exceltur and Idealista.

High Season at Full Capacity

For the market on the whole, I would highlight the following;

Ibiza as a tourist destination is probably peaking in high season. We are close to full capacity in July and August.

The mix of tourists now includes, a significant amount of families (former island partiers now older and with children) and many of them, potential home buyers This also creates a good stock for future generation visitors.

Busy Months for Vacations and Holidays in Ibiza Increasing

The season is extending itself significantly. September and June are busy months and even May and October are seeing good growth. Our former 2 1/2 month season is becoming a 5 1/2 month season. This is very good news for rental yields and for the island as a whole.

Prices for prime real estate have increased by some 10-15 % in the last year.

Property Sales in Ibiza Growing

Home sales are still growing, after a sharp 50 % increase in recent years, we expect 10% plus increase this year.

Building permits and refurbishing permissions are still being cut back, meaning the available legalised offer is, evermore scarce. Land to develop also continues to be very restrictive, and those with actual planning permission have increased considerably in value.

The vacation rental market again has been strong this year and is now consolidating attractive rental yields for buy to let investors with net yields of around the 4-5%.

Residency in Ibiza

The steady influx of foreigners that come to live full time on the Island is continuing.

Still, with all these good tailwinds, I believe prices in the prime real estate market are ready for a pause, and we should consolidate actual price levels for a period, before continuing its ascent. The sharp increase in prices in recent years need to be digested as stock gets rotated, and establishes a new price base. Demand still far exceeds supply, and probably will do so for a long while, but prices need to consolidate at these levels.

Probably a good time to be hunting for property in Ibiza
Clive Heathcote
Houses in Ibiza
IBIZA Prime Real Estate Market
1st 9 months 2016 Report

real estate in ibiza property market statistics tourism

First 9 Months 2016 Airline Passengers

On course for another record year with +12% in passenger traffic.

Over 100 private jets land a day in season.

Passengers include both inbound and outbound Also included are resident passengers which are estimated to be less than an 10%.

first 9 months 2016 airline passenger statistics ibiza

2011-2016 Total Passenger Transits Ibiza Statistics

  • Passengers have been steadily increasing in recent years.
  • There has been an increase of 16% since 2011.
  • Ibiza covers more than 60 destinations in season.
  • The island has increased destinations off season, currently offering off season direct flights to London, Paris, Milan, Geneva, Amsterdam and Eindhoven.

ibiza total pasenger transits statistics

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Statistics 2011- 1016 Passenger Arrivals in Ibiza – Nationalities Inbound Only

  • Passengers have been steadily increasing in recent years with a 16% increase since 2011.
  • Notably this season continues to see strong growth in the Dutch market, close to tripling since 2011.
  • The Spanish market looks to consolidate recent highs, on the back of better domestic economic growth.
  • In addition the Swiss market is also seeing good growth in recent years

passenger arrivals in ibiza statistics 2011 to 2016 houses in ibiza

2016 Statistics Tourists in Ibiza by Nationality

  • We are on course for another record year in tourist arrivals +11.3% YTD.
  • The figures for the Benelux are erroneous and have been booked by IBESTAT in ROW.
  • Again the UK leads the market, growing moderately, and the Dutch are again growing strongly coming close to the German market in numbers.
  • This year again we have seen good growth in the US market as though from a low base an sharp increase in Australian visitors
  • The tourist statistics also have a direct impact on the Ibiza property market statistics.

statistics tourists in ibiza by nationality

statistics tourists in ibiza by nationality2

Tourists in Ibiza Statistics 2010-2016

  • The island has experienced a sharp increase in tourists growing by over 56% between 2010 and 2015
  • 2016 looks set to increase by some 5-10% on 2015.
  • The island is probably close to full capacity in peak season and seems to be consolidating these levels
  • Low and Mid season visitors has grown significantly and the latest data for September & October shows records.
  • A large increase in family oriented visitors in recent years is significantly changing the mix and the island is becoming focused on also offering adequate products for this market.

statistics tourists in ibiza

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Houses in Ibiza snapshot statistics housing header

Statistics in Ibiza Home Sale

  • 1st Semester 2016 shows an 10% increase on 1st semester 2015 Home sales
  • Sales continue to show growth and we expect to see again an increase of some 10-15% this year.
  • Prime real estate is seeing the strongest growth in sales with mostly foreign, cash buyers.
  • The UK and the Benelux lead the market with good growth from Swiss and American buyers.

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Housing Stock in Ibiza Statistics Available on the Internet

  • Housing stock available on Internet remains stable at some 1700 units.
  • Ibiza property market statistics average prices are the highest in Spain and have been trending upwards in recent years after somewhat stagnant pricing during the financial crisis in Spain.
  • Prices seem to be consolidating recent highs and there appears to be a little more stock vailable in the higher price point segment.
  • Total housing stock on the island is some 70,000 units.

2016 ibiza housing stock statistics

Price Evolution Stock for Sale Ibiza Property Market Statistics

  • Average prices per square metre in Ibiza are the highest in Spain. (over twice the national average)
  • Prices after consolidating for a few years seem to be rising
  • sharply since last year and now are some 20% higher than 2011.
  • Prices on the island very enormously and there are averages based on listed prices for all products

Housing stock in ibiza statistic chart

Value of Building Permits for Property in Ibiza rising

  • The total € value of build permits for property in Ibiza has been steadily rising in recent years as a reflexion of the sharp increase of purchase in the prime real estate market.
  • The number of permits have also seen steady growth in recent years.
  • We expect that total spend will close the year at similar levels to 2015 while building licenses will close lower than last year.
  • This could be a reflection of the recently elected governments even stricter planning laws.

value of building permits for property in ibiza rising statistic chart

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Some more important Ibiza property market statistics. We estimate that prices have risen some 10-15%% in the last 12 months and some 20-25% in the past three years for prime properties.

Our forecast is that prime properties, after some consolidation at current levels , will see price increases in the region of 15%-25% within the next 4 to 5 years.

Prices in prime properties did not suffer significant price falls during the financial crisis in Spain which bought down house prices on the continent by as much as 40-50%. Here prices in prime, dipped a little and then stagnated during the crisis and since have picked up significantly.

Very strict urban planning laws, limited building permits, very scarce supply and increasing demand will continue over time to pressure prices upwards.

  • Some indicative values Prime country side 500 m2 build with 25,000 m2 plus size plots- €4 million plus.
  • Prime seafront/views 500 m2 build with 2000-5000m2 plots- €4 million plus.
  • Prime country side land plots with 25,000m2 plus with an active license to build 480m2- € 2 million plus
  • Prime country side farmhouse to reform/refurbish with plots of 25,000m2 plus with licenses- € 2,5 million plus
  • Prime apartments (Paseo Maritimo Ibiza) with sea views 200m2 plus- € 2 million plus.

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Hotels and Lodging in Ibiza Statistics 2016

  • There are some 80,000 beds available and 600 establishments on the Island. (excluding house rental)
  • While the market has been traditionally placed in the *** segment, in recent years we have seen a large increase in the **** plus with a surge in foreign investment looking to cater the sharp increase in demand for ***** product .
  • We forecast an increase in coming years of close to 1000 rooms in the 5 star segment as projects are completed.

ibiza hotels and lodging statistics

ibiza hotels stats chart rooms

Total expenditure has increased sharply in recent years and now seems to be consolidating under the €2,500 bn mark.

House rentals which burst onto the scene on the back of internet seems to be consolidating current levels while the Hotels seem to have clawed back some market share.

Current legislation regarding house and apartment rentals is subject to much debate and we expect to see a fall in house rental income as apartments are not allowed to rent short term, though much may go unaccounted for .

Ibiza Hotels & Lodging ADR

hotels and lodging adr ibiza chart stats

hotels and lodging adr ibiza chart stats 2

Overall the ADR have been steadily rising in Ibiza and are the highest in the Balearic Islands.

Notably the ADR for July has been increasing sharply in recent years while August ADR seem to bee consolidating.

Also along with the general trend on the island the Low and Mid season ADR has also experienced sharp increases.

This is a reflection of the tourist dispersion over the peak months as the Latin countries (Italy,France and Spain) are gradually moving away from the traditional month long holidaying in August.

Ibiza Hotels & Lodging Total Night Stays

Occupancy rates are consolidating the 95% levels in peak season and are growing sharply in the off season months of May and October and as such are extending to the season.

The mid season months of June and September are also growing albeit marginally but still are averaging 90%.

Although room availability off season reduces dramatically, we estimate by over 80%, open establishments are seeing good levels of occupancy on holidays and the Christmas period

Total hotel & lodging night stays are consolidating over the 8 mm nights figure.

Average stays have diminished somewhat in recent years and is currently just under 5,5 days.

The sharp increase in vacation house rental market has absorbed much of the increase in visitors.

Ibiza is seeing a growth in low and mid season travellers and we expect October to see a good increase in night stays compared to 2015 /2014

Ibiza Hotels & Lodging Total Night Stays

Ibiza Hotels & Lodging Total Night Stays 2

Ibiza Island Data 2016

Data of the Island of Ibiza

  • The Island has some 571 km2 , with over 200 kms of coastline, over 50 beaches.
  • Topologically diverse, the highest elevation point is Sa Talaia with 475 m.
  • Total population is 141,000, of which 35,000 are foreigners.
  • There are some 70,000 housing units on the island.
  • The island generates over € 2,5 billion in tourist expenditure.
  • 75% of the economy is related to tourism.
  • Unemployment stands at some 7000 or 5% of the population.

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