Summer at La Galeria Elefante really has gone off with a bang and we are loving it! There is always so much to do and so little time that the Ibiza “poc-a-poc” way of life we know and love is but a distant memory…
Victoria continually & consistently pleases, surprises & drives us all up the wall with her fantastic fantasies that under strict supervision, the Elly Herd bring to life every day at the beautiful treasure trove concept store. Dreaming, visualising, planning & creating occupy Victoria’s enviable imagination and the results are sublime. Travel is the best medicine for such an active mind and Victoria has filled the store with world-wide inspiration brought back by her in her pockets, handbags & bulging suitcases or sent back with transport companies in packages of all sizes, not to mention HUGE containers!

More info: Supercali Galeria Elefante June is Here

We are now open 7 days a week from 10am to 10pm and you can of course shop with us at any time of day online at or at Cas Gasi if you are a guest.


Victoria will also be opening La Paloma shop again from the 10th of June.
La Galeria Elefante Studio is still offering wellness classes of all types including yoga, NSA, sound therapy, meditation and more. Kids’ yoga & dance classes are available too and the space can be rented by the hour for your own classes or workshops.
So please do join us for a whirl of social chitchatting with snacks & drinks sponsored by Houses in Ibiza with PURE PINK, rosé wine suppliers from the South of

France, any time from 7pm on Saturday the 6th of June.
We hope you all have a wonderful sunny, funny & happy summer wherever you are and we look forward to seeing you soon.
Love and laughter,

The Ibiza Elly Herd.