The house was in a great position with a lovely terraced garden. The pool however was really too small to be anything else but a plunge pool, it was only three swim strokes long so we did not use it. As described it has four bedrooms and four bathrooms, the bathrooms were integral to the bedrooms with no doors between them, this was not made clear and some guests might find the ensuite toilet less than pleasant, it would be no good for friends sharing. On arrival one of the four rooms had a leaking roof which made the room damp and a bucket was left the entire week to stop the drips, we did not feel that the host, who knew about the leaking roof before we arrived, made any effort to rectifythis, we had to ask for a dehumidifier to try and dry the room out. The second bedroom had a problem with the drains so it smelt foul, this was also not rectified throughout our stay in fact the friends who were supposed to use that room checked into an hotel after the first night which was costly and a pity, again no real action by the host and owner other than apologies. The rooms were fairly small, cosy and dark and the lighting in the bathrooms was horrible, the owner obviously does not want anyone to be able to see themselves ! Unfortunately our week was very mixed in terms of weather and it rained more than we expected, the inside common areas of the house, living room and eating area was not large enough for the number of guests the house accommodates. There are only 4 seats and a chaise long in the living room for 8 people and nowhere to sit and have a meal indoors. One final observation which is a real bug bear of mine when renting through airbnb is why owners who make a tidy profit from renting their houses cant go to their local Ikea or other homestore and buy a decent set of towels. This is the third time I have rented through this site and the third set of threadbare odd towels, I have been given, guys its not expensive to buy some decent towels for guests to use !!! I think you have probably gathered by now I will not be renting this house again.

Response from Clive:

Unfortunately we had unprecedented rainfall in the days preceding Roberts stay. During the heavy rainfalls, many homes started to suffer leaking roofs and the day before Roberts arrival one of the rooms did have a leak. We hoped that the weather would clear during their stay and the leaks would cease but alas rains continued during Roberts stay and we could not fix the roof while it rains. Additionally, the intense rainfalls meant the whole drainage system on the island collapsed and as a result one of the rooms suffered from unpleasant smells. Of course we fully understand that because of the extraordinarily bad weather, a holiday loses much appeal and the frustration of holiday makers with justifiably high expectations of sunny weather. The house is designed for the excellent weather we usually have most of the year. We are very sorry that this week did not work for our guests. I do though, have to raise a point regarding the owner and our reaction to the issues mentioned. The owner reacted quickly and came four times during their stay to try and sort out the issues, we were responsive to the multiple and often understandable complaints including immediately buying and delivering a de humidifier to the house upon request and trying to help solve the unfortunate consequences of the unprecedented rainfalls and again we are sorry that things did not work out that week, but the island and the house is built around over 300 days of sunshine a year and is not prepared for freak and intense rainstorms. In our listings we try hard to portray our listing as what it is and we feel that there are sufficient photographs of the pool to avoid giving a distorted idea of its size. Regarding the towels, here I have submitted the suggestion to the owner and indeed he will buy a new set of towels for the next season. We strive to ensure a pleasant stay for our guests, and to date all our guests have left the house very happy and satisfied but of course fully understand the frustration of Robert and his guests but feel that Roberts review is not entirely fair or objective. Read more