Cala Compte Ibiza

The 2023 season has now commenced with more events, happenings and parties than ever, new restaurants, hotels and fun experiences across the board.

The island is buzzing with sports events including the triathlon world series, marathons & cycling races. Loads of retreats of every shape and form and the club calendars are now filled out for the season with tops names as well as new exciting, emerging creators with a flurry of artistic events to complement!

So much to do!

Come and join us…

Look forward to see you all on the island!

Some Parties for May & June 2023

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A little adrenaline…

Some New Restaurants for 2023

And the restaurants you cannot miss…

A few fun events

Some food for the soul…

Indulge at some of our villas

HII Track of the Month – May 2023

Nicolas Jaar All One (unreleased)
He is back!- This artist has so much talent, get ready for the evening with this immersive pre-party vibe

Next Issue out in June 2023